Retail Grocery Chain


Headquarters, Prototype Stores, Remodellings

Over a ten year period as the corporate
architect, we designed a broad range of projects
for this major foodstore corporation;

1. Additions to headquarters, Office's, and Warehouse
in Benicia Industrial Park.

2. Prototype new stores for Vail, Colorado;
Santa Rosa, California; and Martinez, California.

3. Varied projects in 3 states for new stores, remodelled
stores, expanded stores and site improvements,
additions of gasoline sales facilities.

4. Remodelling of warehouse complex into cabinet shop,
bottling plant etc., Benicia Industrial Park.

5. Renovation of underground ammunition bunker into
graphic design office and printing plant.

6. Headquarters Master Plan: Operations Dept. Addition,
Meeting Rooms, Warehouse Addition, etc.


Multi-Purpose Meeting/Conference/Dining
facility at headquarters in Benicia.

Store Interior
Multi Purpose Room Interior


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