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Architectural Design, engineering coordination, construction documents, and construction supervision for a select list of clients. Two computer stations are utilized at present, using AutoCAD computer assisted drafting and rendering programs.


Architecture is the art of creating and forming interior and exterior spaces for people to live, work, play, worship, entertain and gather in. Getting the functions of these spaces right is the first job; we work with clients to understand and provide for their specific needs and expectations. We constantly challenge and examine the alternatives available to perform any one function. An old Joe Esherick saying comes to mind:" First, what does it want to be ?" This could apply to the function, size, height, color, direction of circulation, view orientation, etc.

The art, however, is more subjective, and comes in housing or shaping the functions in a stimulating, pleasant, properly-scaled space that has a balance of natural light, an important visual relationship with outside spaces and views, and lastly a soft focus of hidden light sources at night. We use sky lit galleries and other circulation devices to link the functions in an easily recognizable way, and when possible we expand each function by visually linking it with its neighbor. Stairs provide an opportunity to expand space vertically, and we try to emphasize and dramatize this event by using interesting shapes for the openings, and providing natural light at the top to flood down through the openings.

Perhaps most importantly, we don't use the spaces...the clients do. Therefore the spaces must reflect their personality, not ours. We have to interact a great deal to make good architecture, and the more interaction and information the better the architecture!

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